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May 27, 2016

The annual HOME end of year submission is due by 7/15/16. Please note that the HOME/NSP status report has been revised and a complete set of instructions have been developed.

Please submit the current version. You will find the status reports (one for each HOME and NSP) as well as instructions under the HOME/NSP End of Year Reporting tab below.

May 16, 2016

On Friday, May 13, 2016 HUD published the 2016 HOME and NSP income and rent limits. They are effective on June 6, 2016 and must be put in place by that date. There is no grace period for instituting HOME limits.

Please remember that there is no "hold harmless" for HOME limits. If the limits in your County have decreased you must lower your limits for HOME units accordingly for move-ins and lease renewals as of 6/6/16.

April 12, 2016

On March 3, 2016 the IRS posted final regulations regarding utility allowance submetering in the Federal Register. Please remove Section 2.6 from your LIHTC Compliance Manual and replace with pages found here. The Federal Register with the final regulations may be found here.

March 29, 2016

HUD published 2016 income limits on 3/28/16 with a 3/28/16 effective date. For LIHTC, HMMF, RHRF, DURF there is a 45 day grace period to institute the new limits. However, for many properties there will actually be no income limit changes as 2016 limits remain lower than the 'hold harmless' year already in use.

Please check your placed in service year to determine if the 2016 limits are higher than limits you are currently using. Newer properties are obviously not able to use 2011, 2012, or possibly even 2014 limits so would not be "held harmless" at those levels.

For Section 8 there is no hold harmless and also no 45 day grace period. New limits must be put into place immediately for Section 8.

See this link: https://www.huduser.gov/portal/datasets/mtsp.html




In Hawaii Spectrum Enterprises performs compliance monitoring for six of the Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation’s (HHFDC) affordable housing programs:

  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC)
  • Tax Credit Assistance Program (TCAP)
  • Grants in Lieu of Low Income Housing Allocations (Section 1602)
  • HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME)
  • Rental Housing Revolving Fund (RHRF)
  • Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)
  • Rental Assistance Program (RAP)
  • Rental Assistance Revolving Fund (RARF)
  • Hula Mae Multifamily Fund (HMMF)

We also conduct a one-day training seminar every February called “Introduction to Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation’s Affordable Housing Programs.”