2013 LIHTC Income Limits Posted

Written by Erik Whitton, Spectrum Enterprises 

Edited 12/12/20

HUD has published the 2013 income limits which may be found on their website.  http://www.huduser.org/portal/datasets/mtsp.html

The effective date of this income limit data set appears to be 12/4/2012.  All properties must utilize the new amounts within 45 days.  January 18, 2013 would be the deadline. 

We urge all properties to update their utility allowances at this time.

I have included a spreadsheet here which may be used to determine 40% income limits as well as rent limits at 40%, 50%, and 60%.  On the HUD website you will enter your state and city/county.  Once the HUD website provides you with the income limits simply enter the 50% line from the HUD website into yellow shaded row on this spreadsheet and everything else will be computed.  Please make sure to double check the results with the 60% income limits on the HUD page and with the limits provided by your state agency!

Some cities and counties have different income limits depending on the property placed in service date.  Make sure to review the bottom of the HUD website and select the appropriate income limits based on the placed in service date for each property.  

I have compared 2012 limits with 2013 limits in some US markets to see whether limits have increased or decreased.

I have gone back to sample these following areas to see if they have risen or not.  The only changes are Baltimore and Omaha.  

The following areas have increased:

Portland, ME

New York City


The following areas have decreased:

Boston, MA

Philadelphia, PA

Baltimore, MD ***EDIT*** The amounts stayed the same

Miami, FL

Omaha, NE ***EDIT*** The amounts have increased

Little Rock, AR

Los Angeles, CA

Denver, CO

Detroit, MI

Chicago, IL

Seattle, WA

Kansas City, KS

St. Louis, MO

Manchester, NH

Rochester, NY

Raleigh, NC

10 Responses to “2013 LIHTC Income Limits Posted”

  1. Mary R Windt Says:

    Please send the email that goes along with the post about the income limits. I just signed up for your blog and the attacment that you reference is not available.


  2. Spectrum Admin Says:

    Thank you for the comment the link has been updated in the post.

  3. Justin Case Says:

    They’ve also decreased in the Washington DC metro area. -3.2%.

    For tax credit properties, how long does management have to lower rents down to the max allowed? Thanks.

  4. Crystal Says:

    Please send me the inforation that goes along with this. so that i can begin to use them.

    Thank you

  5. Spectrum Admin Says:

    The new income limits are available at the following link: http://www.huduser.org/portal/datasets/mtsp.html Expect an email from Spectrum containing the excel spreadsheet referenced in the article above.

  6. Justin Case Says:

    Clarifying: Do they need to change the amounts even on current leases? Or are the new lower amounts implemented only when leases are initiated/renewed?

  7. Spectrum Admin Says:

    For properties already placed in service owners don’t have to decrease income limits or rents. The “hold harmless” income limits would apply. A decrease in income limits affects only new properties.

  8. Nichole Jefferson Says:

    I am unable to open the 2013 rent income limit calculator referenced above

  9. Spectrum Admin Says:

    I am sorry you cannot open the file. Expect an email from Spectrum this morning.

  10. Justin Case Says:


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